Client Love

Wow where does one start . . .  I met Allison in 2018 and she changed my life.. I was ready to make changes and needed help and guidance to begin a journey Im still on today.  She helped me to become open to trying new things and different things.  Many of the traits that made me successful professionally were also the issues that caused chaos in my journey.  The simplest of strategies seemed so complex and unattainable.  Something as simple as Gratitude in my life brought layers of positive and productive change to my being.  Im certainly not a therapy type individual but would put Allison in the critical elements to my success.  Today what seems to be a lifetime ago I am truly thankful for her part in my transformation and would gladly tell anyone who would listen what her skills and experience brought to my life and my family.


N. Carolina

I started working with Allison at the lowest point of my life, which many would call rock bottom. I had been struggling with addiction for years and had been in and out of numerous rehab facilities. During this low Allison became my therapist. I was completely estranged from my family, I was in the middle of a complicated divorce, and I was unable to be with my two small children. My actions and behaviors associated with my addiction had pushed everyone away and I felt completely alone and lost.

I will always be grateful that during my time with Allison I was able to stop the cycle of addiction, own my actions, find my way back to my children, find my sanity, and experience real sobriety. When I look back now the biggest difference between Alison and other therapists I had worked with in the past was that I never felt judgement from her. When I spoke with Allison I only felt compassion, and empathy which allowed me to trust her. From the very beginning, she helped me believe I still had a future and that I could choose how that future would turn out.

Once I began to believe that I still had a future, Allison started working with me on how I could make that future obtainable through my actions. She guided me to the right recovery places, she made introductions in the recovery community which I really treasure and still use to this day. When I slipped or struggled, we worked together on how I could improve. It didn’t happen overnight and it has been quite a journey, but Alison has been there for me throughout. Today I have real sobriety. I am a present, loving father. I have a healthy adult relationship. I have a friendship with my ex-wife. Everything Allison said I could have in sobriety has come to fruition with her guidance and support.  

Thank you for believing in me.